Introducing WordPress 5.4 Compatibility for Qubely, Feature Improvements, and More

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WordPress 5.4 support for Qubely and more

Presenting the newest update to your favorite Gutenberg toolkit Qubely. We want to make Qubely your best friend for creating a page or post with WordPress. As the latest version of WordPress (5.4) is scheduled to release on the 31st of March 2020, we made sure you won’t face any hassle with the new update. And we are excited to introduce full support with WordPress 5.4 for Qubely.

WordPress 5.4 is set to include multiple new features so you can rest assured that you will get all the benefits from both the CMS update and Qubely.

You will get an update on both versions of Qubely. Bumping the free version to 1.3.5, and 1.1.5 for the premium version of the plugin.

With the Qubely 1.3.5 Free update, you get:

  • New: Support for WordPress 5.4
  • New: Image block – URL in blurb layout
  • Update: Button Group block – Restructure
  • Fix: Team block – Alignment option in layout 3
  • Fix: Testimonial block – Rating CSS issue
  • Fix: Contact Form block – Value encryption issue
  • Fix: Info Box block – Media background issue
  • Fix: Advanced list block – Number, Bullet size & color not working
  • Fix: CSS generator – String type attributes (Color) value reset not working

And along with Qubely 1.1.5 Pro, you will get:

  • Everything available in the free version update
  • New: Support for WordPress 5.4
  • Fix: Testimonial Carousel block – Rating CSS issue

Make sure to update Qubely and enjoy full support with the soon to be released WordPress 5.4 and also the many improvements. Please tell us what you think about the latest updates in the comment section below. We are waiting to hear from you.