WP Crowdfunding Update: Compatibility With the Latest Stripe Connect, Fixes, and More

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WP Crowdfunding update free v2.1.2 and pro v11.2.2

Hi to all the WP Crowdfunding users out there! Hope you are doing well. Today, we have a big update for your favorite plugin WP Crowdfunding. With today’s update, we are bringing compatibility with the latest Stripe Connect and lot, while bumping version no of the free plugin to v2.1.2 and the pro plugin to v11.2.2.

For your convenience, we have added the changelog for both in the following section.

WP Crowdfunding Free 2.1.2 & WP Crowdfunding Pro 11.2.2 Changelog:

  • Update: Compatibility update with the latest Stripe Connect for Payment on the checkout page.
  • Update: Alert message on how to enable the Withdrawal feature.
  • Fix: Campaign update email was not being sent.
  • Fix: The Redirect URL was not getting updated.
  • Fix: Campaign Form input field design issues are fixed.
  • Fix: The height of the input fields is fixed on the Checkout page.
  • Fix: Design issue for the button in the Withdrawal page of the Admin Panel.
  • Fix: The withdraw button design was missing in the “Withdraw Info” Modal.
  • Fix: The checkout page was showing alert messages without any design.
  • Fix: On the “My Campaigns” page, the campaign title design was broken.
  • Fix: Media file upload was not working sometimes in the Campaign Form.
  • Fix: The Withdrawer’s full name was missing on the withdrawal request page.
  • Fix: The Pledges Details Modal’s design was broken in the front-site.
  • Fix: Campaign Update message for Campaign Creator is fixed.
  • Fix: Issue with Date Picker not working on the Campaign Update page.
  • Fix: Stripe Connect button not showing up on the Profile page.

Compatibility With the Latest Stripe Connect

Now with the latest version of WP Crowdfunding, enjoy seamless compatibility with the latest Stripe connect. After you are done with setting up Stripe Connect from the WooCommerce settings for WP Crowdfunding, you and your crowdfunding authors will be able to take payments using the latest iteration of Stripe Connect.

On the Crowdfunding Frontend dashboard, it will look like this.

WP Crowdfunding Stripe Connect Frontend Dashboard

Excited for the Update

Apart from the latest Stripe Connect Compatibility, we have also fixed some known issues as well as made improvements to the overall experience of creating a crowdfunding site using WP Crowdfunding.

So, don’t wait to update. Take your crowdfunding experience to the next step with the latest WP Crowdfunding.