WP Crowdfunding Updated: Gallery Image Upload, Number Option for Campaign Page, and More

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wp crowdfunding update free v2.1.0 pro v11.2.0

Hello to all the WP Crowdfunding users out there. Hope you are doing well. Today we got a special update for you, for WP Crowdfunding. This update is scheduled to bring several new features, improvements, and fixes.

To get an idea about what the update brings to the table, let’s look at the changelog for both the free and pro version of WP Crowdfunding.

WP Crowdfunding Free v2.1.0

  • New: Upload gallery images from the Campaign Form
  • New: Option to show the number of campaigns per page
  • Fix: Translation issue for campaign countdown text
  • Fix: Social share button not working in single campaign page
  • Fix: Changed the name to be the username in the CF dashboard profile section

WP Crowdfunding Pro v11.2.0

  • Fix: Campaign Target Reach Email sent before end method was fulfilled
  • Fix: PHP Error on Stripe Module
  • Update: Added New Licensing System

With the latest update, you will be able to upload galley images to your campaign submission form. Upload multiple images from a WordPress gallery to your crowdfunding campaign submission page.

Option to show the number of campaigns per page

With the new update of WP Crowdfunding, you will now find a new option to set the number of options you wish to show per page. 

Fix for Campaign Target Reach Email

There was an issue regarding the previous version of WP Crowdfunding, that once the campaign ending method was fulfilled, an email was sent to the campaign owner and site admin regarding the updated status of the campaign. The issue was sometimes the email was sent even if the conditions were not met.

Update Today to The Latest WP Crowdfunding

The latest version of both the plugins has been released at the time you are reading this. We ask that you update to the latest version of both the free and pro version of the plugin to avail all the benefits.

If you have any queries, comment down below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.