WP Crowdfunding Pro 11.0.7 Live With 3 New Email Templates, More Features & Tweaks!

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After our recent update to WP Crowdfunding for the free users, we didn’t want our Pro users to feel left out! So here we are today with an exciting new update for WP Crowdfunding Pro. From the very beginning of the plugin, we’ve wanted to include these goodies. And yes, we’ve heard from you! Here are some highly requested stuff as well. Today’s update contains a great lineup of features and enhancements.

Let’s have a quick look at the complete changelog of WP Crowdfunding Pro 11.0.7.

  • New: 3 new templates added to the Email add-on
  • New: WPML support added
  • Update: Social Share add-on gets more sharing options
  • Update: Reward range input field added
  • Update: Reward sorting for fixed amounts
  • Update: Stripe DeAuthorize button added
  • Update: Day to go conditions
  • Update: PayPal Adaptive option removed
  • Fix: Enable/Disable wallet deposit dashboard issue
  • Fix: Search shortcode issue
  • Fix: Empty image problem in profile
  • Fix: Non-crowdfunding product coupon problem
  • Fix: User profile issue
  • Fix: Days counter issue
  • Fix: Language clarity improved
  • Fix: Translating issue
  • Fix: CSS issue

3 NEW Templates in Email Addon

The Email addon empowers you to send customized emails to fundraisers and campaign owners. The Email addon is even more tailored to your needs as it gets 3 brand new templates. These templates are all designed to make sure that your communication flow with anyone associated with the platform stays top-notch.

WPML Support

WPML is a great plugin choice to make your fundraising site multilingual. Now with WP Crowdfunding update, you get complete WPML support so that people can view your fundraising site in their own language flawlessly. When you’ve WPML enabled, you can reach out to global audiences by overcoming language barriers.

Social Share Add-on with more Sharing Options

Proper exposure to social media can be one of the success key points for your platform. Our Social Share addon allows your site users to share campaigns on several more social media platforms than before. The more people know about your campaigns there is a greater chance they’ll invest in it.

Reward Range Input Field

As you already know, you can set a reward range in WP Crowdfunding Pro. Now you can enter your desired amount in an input field. So you (or a campaign owner) can set the desired reward range by using the updated input field option.

Reward Sorting for Fixed Amounts

When a campaign has a fixed reward amount, you (or a campaign owner) can creatively choose which one to display in what order through reward sorting. Previously you could only show the reward in ascending order, but now you can display them in any order you want to showcase it.

Stripe DeAuthorize Button

If you’ve been planning to use Stripe Connect for your site or already using it, this is a handy button that we’ve added today. Inside the Stripe Connect option on the frontend, you’re going to get a deauthorize button. With just one click, you can disable Stripe Connect thanks to the Stripe DeAuthorize button.

Improved Days to Go Condition

We have fixed some of the minor issues that were occurring in the days to go condition (such as reward hover text, campaign launch date preview, etc.) So now all relevant information such as days preview, hover text over a reward item, and a few more will be displayed properly.

PayPal Adaptive Option Removed

Since PayPal has deprecated their “PayPal Adaptive” feature, we’ve also removed the PayPal Adaptive option from WP Crowdfunding. So if you’ve been using this payment feature, you can try out the similar option included in the native Wallet of WP Crowdfunding. You can also use the Stripe Connect option.

Some Great Tweaks & Fixes

Along with the addition of some amazing options, we’ve fixed most of the known issues that we found or were informed by you!

The enable/disable wallet deposit dashboard issue has been fixed. Once you disable the wallet it’s no longer going to show on the frontend. Admins or any other user of the site can now have their profile pictures displayed as the empty profile image problem is fixed. Along with that, we’ve fixed the non-crowdfunding product coupon problem, user profile issue, search shortcode issue, and more. We’ve even improved the language clarity so that you can work more easily with the plugin. Some CSS related problems have also been sorted. With all these fixes, you’ll have a smooth crowdfunding site-building experience.

Final Thoughts

One of the best things about today’s update is it includes all the options that you asked from us. We love your feedback on our updates as it motivates us to keep adding more features to WP Crowdfunding. So don’t forget to share your thoughts with us on today’s update in the comments below!

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