WP Crowdfunding Update: Multiple Issues Addressed for a Better Experience

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WP Crowdfunding Update: Free v2.0.4 & Pro v11.1.6

Crowdfunding is becoming more popular as people are starting to realize that they don’t need big names to achieve their dreams. With a WordPress plugin, namely WP Crowdfunding, they can easily pitch their ideas and raise funds.

And we are also constantly improving WP Crowdfunding to meet your growing demands. For that, we are releasing a new update today for both free and pro version WP Crowdfunding. Below are the changelogs for you to find the details.

WP Crowdfunding v2.0.4 (Free)

  • Fix: Single page crowdfunding reward description line break issue
  • Fix: WooCommerce physical shop products counting as crowdfunding projects issue
  • Fix: Single campaign page was not previewing links properly
  • Fix: Wrong login credentials took users to default WordPress backend login instead of the same form
  • Fix: Campaign update status not showing after adding a new campaign
  • Fix: Fund-raising percentage showing more than 100%

WP Crowdfunding Pro: v11.1.6

  • Fix: Extra addon’s notice for WP Crowdfunding remained inactive for Windows OS users
  • Fix: WP Crowdfunding users were not receiving plugin update notifications

Thank you for supporting us with WP Crowdfunding over the years. We are confident that we will continue to grow together in the coming years too. If you have any thoughts on the latest updates, share in the comment section below. And stay tuned for future updates.